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Nevill Road Infant School

Summary of the School Behaviour Policy



At Nevill Road Infants, all staff work hard to help your children to maintain high standards of behaviour. This important so that they can use their time in school effectively to learn and that learning is not disrupted by others.


We actively encourage and promote good behaviour. Good behaviour is rewarded in a variety of



  • Celebrating work in Achievement Assemblies
  • Stickers
  • Certificates
  • Praise from other teachers, team leaders or the Deputy or Headteacher
  • Extra playtime session
  • Golden time
  • Notes to parents
  • Smilies
  • Star of the week awards


The children share and understand our system for promoting good behaviour.


Consequences of poor behaviour

Although poor behaviour is rare at Nevill Road Infants children understand that poor behaviour spoils school for other children. It can disrupt lessons or end up with children getting hurt. Violence is never tolerated.

Within school we have a clear set of behaviour consequences.


In lesson:

1)  If a child is disruptive they will be spoken to quietly by the teacher and the reason for the disruption explored. If the behaviour does not stop a warning will be issued. If the behaviour continues move to step 2.

2)  If the child continues to disrupt they will be asked to spend 5 minutes on the

‘time out area’ within the classroom. This is an area where the child can sit away

from others and reflect on their own behaviour. They have a sand timer to measure

their own time and can then rejoin the class.

3)  If a child persists in disrupting they will be asked to go to ‘calm down time’ in another

classroom for 5 minutes. Parents will be informed by the class teacher at this stage.

The time children spend away from learning is then paid back at the end of the lesson.

Usually this system is effective in stopping any unacceptable behaviour. Certain behaviours (e.g violence or swearing) are completely unacceptable in the classroom and may result in the child being sent out of the classroom immediately.


Very rarely it is necessary to monitor behaviour further. If these children do not respond to spending calm downtime in other classes and repeatedly offend, they will be referred to the Deputy Head/ Assistant head/ member of the SLT.

Finally as a last sanction the Headteacher is involved – at this stage poor behaviour is likely to have

been extremely persistent and the child is refusing to respond to support strategies used. Internal

or external exclusion may then need to be considered. Following any period of exclusion both the

child and parent are asked to attend a reintegration meeting to support a successful return to school

for the child.


Break or lunchtime behaviour

We also celebrate and praise children for good behaviour at lunchtime. Stickers and team points are awarded for good behaviour.

Any difficulties at break or lunch are dealt with either by the teacher on duty, a member of support

staff or the Deputy or Headteacher, depending on severity.

If children need a consequence they will lose some of the next playtime – this might be 5 minutes, 10

minutes or the whole playtime dependent on the severity of the poor behaviour. The children

understand our school system and the fairness of it.

In extreme cases where children are continually disruptive at lunchtime, parents will be contacted by

Mrs Marshall and children maybe excluded at lunchtime. This is so that the other children can enjoy the

lunchtime without a continually disruptive element.


To finish:

We believe that all children at Nevill Road Infants have the right to be in a happy and safe

school. Behaviour at Nevill Road Infants is something we are proud of . We have many visitors to

school and they often comment on the lovely calm atmosphere. We are proud

of our school and the children.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of behaviour further please come into school and talk with

Mrs Marshall.

Policy reviewed Spring 17

Review date Spring 18

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