At Nevill Road Infant School we pride ourselves on empowering and challenging children, developing independent learners who have a lifelong love of learning.

We value the Personal and Social development of the children as highly as we value the academic development and this forms a strong basis in our teaching. Children are taught about rights and responsibilities, team work and cooperation throughout all we do in school.

At Nevill Road Infant School the curriculum consists of all the planned activities that are organised to promote learning and/or personal growth and development. The School aspires to serve the needs of all children who attend.

The school ensures that it follows that statutory frameworks of the Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum using cross curricular topics as the vehicle for teaching this for the foundation subjects. Foundation subjects and most of the science curriculum will be delivered via our topics. We adopt a thematic approach to draw together the Foundation subjects in a cross-curricular programme.  Subject delivery will be mapped onto National Curriculum requirements, ensuring appropriate coverage and recording of such. However, our curriculum retains the flexibility to respond to current local/ national/ global events and the interests shown by our children.

The National Curriculum requirements for Literacy and Numeracy are  delivered through specific subject related sessions.  Our curriculum is informed directly by the English and Mathematics National Curriculum expectations and programmes of study for English and Mathematics with an emphasis on early establishment of reading and number skills. We introduce the children to phonics through Read, Write Inc . Most but not all of the National Curriculum expectation for Science is included in our topics.  Where an element is missing we address the omission by reference to the National Curriculum expectations and programmes of study, incorporating appropriate material into schemes of work within the thematic framework or dedicated Science weeks.

The curriculum is broad and balanced, fulfilling the expectations of the English National Curriculum and, wherever possible, extending beyond National Curriculum requirements.

Our discreet phonics lessons are taught using Read, Write Inc. We encourage children to read widely and we use books from a range of schemes including Bug Club and Rigby Star. The children have a wide range of texts to choose from for home reading so that we can appeal to their interests.

Technology is ever changing and progressing and we are passionate about including technology as a way of enhancing learning potential. Technology skills are taught but we also use technology to enhance work in other areas, especially Literacy, through the use of animation and voice recording for podcasting.

Topics have been selected to offer full coverage of Key Stage 1 expectations over Year 1 and Year 2. All areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum are covered in each of the individual units.

For more details about our curriculum please contact Mrs Marshall at the school.

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