Forest Schools

“Forest school is an inspirational process that offers children and young people opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem, through hands on learning experiences in a local woodland environment”


Forest School is a truly unique approach to learning, which takes pupils outdoors. We are working with local schools and childcare providers to support them in learning about Forest Schools. We feel passionately about the benefits of taking all children outdoors, and have witnessed first hand the progress they are able to make.

We have agreed a set of principles to guide our practice. These core values emphasise the process rather than product nature of Forest School and how important the ethos is.

  • TEAM: Our team consists of a fully qualified forest school leader- Mrs Gardner and members of school staff.
  • PARTICIPANTS: We understand and care about the unique needs of each individual. We give them the freedom to explore, play, take risks and take ownership of their own learning.  Our Forest School sessions provide the opportunity for individuals to truly immerse themselves in their chosen activity, including both staff and pupils.
  • BENEFITS: Our approach is that each person is welcomed with acceptance and understanding. Our nurturing environment allows and encourages exploration of feelings and emotions. We have witnessed how this leads to the development of:
    • Understanding of emotions,
    • undertaking different physical activities
    • improved interaction and relationship with peers and adults,
    • self-confidence and self-belief,
    • perseverance,
    • resilience,
    • sense of belonging.
  • We are particularly skilled at interpreting these developments and using this to inform future sessions.
  • SITES: We have access to an area of Bramhall Park which we use with permission from the park.
  • PLAY: We believe play is a fundamental part of human development for children and young people. Within every session we provide opportunities for both free and structured play. This fosters social elements of learning, creativity, curiosity and imagination. For older pupils we have observed how play is more socially based, developing communication and emotional skills, as well as creating more fun-based opportunities.
  • RISK: Risk is another integral part of our Forest School provision in terms of both emotional risk-taking and physical risk taking. We provide opportunities to challenge and stretch individuals within our nurturing environment. Success and failure becomes part of the learning journey. All activities and sites are fully risk assessed and reviewed.

The children access forest school in groups of 12-15 which represent half of the class. These numbers ensure close supervision and maximum opportunity to access the environment.

Each child will access 5 sessions of forest school in Reception, 5 in Year 1 and 5 in Year 2 allowing them the challenge of forest at different stages of their development. We provide waterproof outfits for the children.

To help us maintain the experience which we feel is extremely valuable to all of our children from September 2019 we are asking for a contribution of £5 per child to help cover the snacks we provide.

Together Everyone Achieves More

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