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Welcome to our Growth Mindset page.  At Nevill Road Infants our aim is to support positive attitudes towards learning, resilience and high self-esteem in children.

What is Growth Mindset?

The term 'Growth Mindset' refers to a way of thinking, learning and taking on challenges.  A person with a 'Growth Mindset takes on new challenges with a positive attitude, pushes themselves outside of their comfort zones, shows resilience and perseverance and takes constructive feedback and uses it.

Studies show people with a Growth Mindset (as opposed to a Fixed Mindset) will bounce back quickly from failure and be more likely to explore how they can get better at doing something.

Developing a Growth Mindset will help make children more resilient in their learning and for life. Of course, this is exactly what we want for our children here at Nevill Road!

At Nevill Road Infants…

We remember that it's okay to make mistakes - we learn from them!
We never give up! We try a different approach, or use a different strategy.
We can learn from each other.
We challenge ourselves and we don't limit ourselves by taking the easy option.
We join in as much as possible as we learn much more by being involved.
We remember that mastering something new feels so much better than doing something you can already do.
We remember that the brain is growing and making new connections all the time – with effort and practise, you can learn anything.



We hope you enjoyed our Growth Mindset and Wellbeing Parent Workshop this morning – what a fantastic turn out we had! If you didn’t manage to make it, or if you did and you’d like more information, here are some resources for you to download.

The presentations we went through can be found here:  

Growth Mindset Parents Presentation March 19

Wellbeing Parents Presentation March 19

Growth Mindset Resources:

Parent's Guide to Growth Mindset Handout 1

Growth v Fixed Mindset Handout 2

Growth Mindset Motivational Quotes

Emoji Scaling Numbers 0-10

Superhero Growth Mindset Skills Posters

Story books that promote Growth Mindset:

Wellbeing Resources:

Mindfulness Diary

Wellbeing Posters

Wellbeing Websites

Stop and Think & Restorative Approach


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