At Nevill Road Infants we love reading! Our goal is to instil a life- long love for reading and we want our children to take pleasure in all that reading can bring. Reading at Nevill Road is designed to develop and enable ALL children to reach their full potential. We aim for our children to leave school as confident and fluent readers.

We introduce children to a variety of literature through daily, structured guided reading lessons, dedicated storytime, author visits, links with the local bookshop, celebrating world book day and books are often used as a stimulus for learning in other areas of the curriculum. We also deliver whole school book days.

We know how important it is to hear children read. Our guided reading sessions are designed so that each child can read and discuss a book with the teacher once a week and with the teaching assistant once a week. Children also have opportunities to read with a reading volunteer.

At Nevill Road Infants we value the contributions parents make to the teaching of reading. Each child has a reading record which parents and teachers complete. This record helps to chart a child’s reading progress and is a means of communicating about a child’s reading. There are so many benefits to reading and reading at home plays a crucial role:

  1. Children who read often and widely get better at it.

After all, practice makes perfect…


  1. Reading exercises our brain.

Because reading is more complex then watching t.v for example, it strengthens brain connections and makes NEW connections.


  1. Reading teaches children about the world around them.

Through a range of books children can learn about people, places and events outside of their own experience.


  1. Reading improves concentration


  1. Reading improves vocabulary and language skills.

Children learn new words as they read or are being read to. Subconsciously they absorb information on how to structure sentences and use words effectively in their speaking and in their writing.


  1. Reading helps a child to develop empathy.

As they read they begin to imagine how they would feel in a range of different scenarios.


  1. Reading is a great way to bond with your child.

Reading together snuggled is a great way to spend time together. It is also a gateway into conversation and discussion with your child.


  1. Reading is fun.

You can read wherever you go!


  1. Reading develops a child’s imagination.

When we read our brain translates the descriptions we read of people, places and feelings.


  1. Children who read achieve better in school.

Reading promotes achievement in all subjects, not just English.


Please find some useful information below on how to help your child with their reading at home. There is also more information on what reading looks like at Nevill Road Infants.

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