At Nevill Road Infants we are starting to use the online platform ‘Seesaw ’ as a way of connecting with our children at home, in order to fully appreciate all of the amazing learning that they are doing. In school we will be using the Seesaw Class app and at home we invite families to use the Seesaw Family app to see what the children have been getting up to. 

Please find attached useful documents and links for Seesaw. 


Seesaw (, is a secure online journal where students can document and reflect on what they are learning in class. Your child will be able to add the things they work on (including photos, videos, worksheets, drawings and voice recordings) to their Seesaw journal.  Seesaw also provides a facility to communicate between school and home. 

Seesaw works on any device connected to the internet – but it works best on a mobile device that has a camera and microphone (iPad, tablet, phones etc.) as children are able to share their learning using a multimedia approach.

Log in through a browser: 

Seesaw Links: 

Frequently Asked Questions
• What can families see?
Families can view the work posted in their own child's journal. Families do not see the work of anyone else in the
• How many family members can connect to a student?
10 family members can connect to each student.
• Can family members add another child to their account?
Yes, family members can connect to up to 10 children. Families adding another child should sign in to their
account, tap their profile icon, then choose +Add Child’s Journal.
• Do you have the family invites in other languages?
Yes, from the Seesaw app or website, you can get invites in 10+ common languages.



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