Sports Funding

We value sports and active children so have welcomed the government sports funding. In the year 2018/19 the school received £17,600, in 2019/20 the school will receive .

We use our funding to support our staff in promoting physical activity with our children.

The children in Year 2 also have specialist coaching from a tennis coach each term and school staff learn alongside the children to develop their own skills.

We also employ a sports coach to offer lunchtime activities to the children in Year 1 and 2. The coach works alongside our lunchtime staff to encourage activity during the lunch break. Each day there are a range of supervised activities provided, including hula hooping, football, tennis and hockey skills, that the children can drop into for a few minutes or spend a large part of their lunchtimes participating in. These sessions prove very popular and promote a range of sports, encouraging participation.

The funding helps ensure their is sufficient equipment available to promote the active lunchtimes.

The coaches have supplemented the existing school expertise ensuring that children wide access to a range of sports skills. They provide models and training for the staff (teaching and non teaching) to support the promotion of good quality physical activity.The children also have high levels of activity through the school day and have a good knowledge of the benefits of exercise.

Our use of a forest school teacher in Bramhall Park ensures the children meet their physical milestones in a non sport based setting as children get to climb and balance. They also develop valuable teamwork skills and the resilience to succeed they also undergo physical activity travelling to and from the sessions in the park.

The school has had a daily km track installed on the school field which is promoting the activity level of children during lessons and at break. We have extra staff working at break to enable the children to access the track and maintain their activity levels during this time.

We ensure we have enough equipment for PE and extra curricular sport and also carry out safety checks on our existing equipment.

On the children On sport in school
· More to do


· Less falling out

· Making friends with children in other year groups

· Development of cooperative skills

· Opportunities to try out new sports

· Increase in fitness

· Opportunities to take leadership roles

Seb ‘It warms me up, makes me strong and I have got better at football and netball’

Madelyne ‘It is fun to do sport at lunchtime because you get to play new things’.

· Increase interest and take up in after school sports


· Increase in numbers of children taking part in holiday sportsclubs

· Increase in children’s skill level

· Opportunities for sports staff to identify talent

· Improvements to and maintenance of sports equipment


Mr S ‘ I have been able to identify children who excel at particular sports and direct them to clubs.’

What has been the impact of the sports and PE premium?



On the midday organisers On the teaching staff
· Increase in skill level and confidence to become involved in playground games


· Reduced incidences of unsafe behaviour

· Opportunities to observe children in different situations

· More time to talk to children

· Better use of space

Mrs T ‘It’s good because there are lots of different activities to keep children busy and opportunities to teach them how to respect equipment.’

· Able to target specific children for involvement (new to school, friendship issues, girls in sport, need for cooperative skills development)


· Calmer start to the afternoon -children more focussed

· Less lunchtime fallouts to deal with

Mr B ‘ It’s great to be able to see the children have fun and stay active and have particular children targeted to help develop their social skills.’

To be reviewed Autumn 17

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