Summer Full Governing Body



Date: 30th June 2016
Time: 6 pm
Venue: The School


Mrs Marie Joyce (Vice Chairperson), Mrs Alison Marshall (Headteacher), Mrs Mary Robinson, Mrs Estelle Duckworth, Mrs Janine Garnett, Miss Vicki North, Ms Caroline Wilke, Mr Mohammed Khalid, Ms Jane Webster, Ms Bec Tulloch.


Mrs C Davies                                                  Governor Support Officer



Governors were welcomed to the meeting by the Vice Chairperson and governors introduced themselves.  Apologies for absence were received from Dr Jason Smith (Chairperson) and in his absence Mrs Marie Joyce undertook to chair the meeting.

Apologies for absence were also received from Mr D Singh.

Ms B Tulloch left the room at 6.05pm

Governors noted and discussed the individual merits of Bec Tulloch, prospective candidate for co-option to the vacancy on the governing board. The Headteacher reminded governors that they had read Ms Tulloch’s personal statement at the last GB meeting.

A vote was taken and it was duly RESOLVED that Ms Bec Tulloch be appointed to the governing board for a four year term of office with effect from 30th June 2016.


Governors were reminded that they should declare any interest at the start of each meeting.

Governors were asked to declare any personal, business or financial interest in any agenda items; no declarations were made.

  2. a) Previous Governing Board Minutes

It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 10th March 2016, copies circulated previously, be approved and signed by the Chairperson and authorised for publication.

  1. b) Matters Arising from Previous Governing Board Minutes
  • School meals

The Headteacher confirmed that the school meal provider from September would be Dolce and that a letter would shortly go out to parents explaining the system. She gave an outline of the benefits of the system including the better management of allergens and dietary preferences.

  • Staffing structure

To be covered later in the meeting.

  • Scheme of Delegation Form

This was approved at the Finance and Premises committee meeting and was awaiting the Chair’s signature. In his absence, governors AGREED the Vice Chair should sign the form.

  • Staff requests for leave of absence

The Headteacher informed governors of recent developments.

There were no further matters arising.

  1. c) Action Points from Previous Governing Board Minutes

The actions raised at the spring term meeting were duly reviewed as follows:


3e Forward H&S audit report to Mr Khalid Headteacher Completed
4e To approve the Scheme of Delegation form Clerk Completed
6a To circulate School Development Plan Headteacher Completed
8a Mrs Joyce to email SFVS documentation to Chair MJ Completed
10d To write to staff members regarding leave of absence requests Chair Completed
  1. d) Committee minutes

It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the following meetings:

  • Finance and Premises 16th May 2016
  • Pupil Progress 19th May 2016 (subject to minor amendment–see below)

copies circulated previously, be approved and signed by the Chairperson and authorised for publication.

  1. e) Matters Arising from Previous Committee Meetings


  • Critical Incidents Guidance

The Headteacher confirmed that as yet she had been unable to meet with Miss Harrison, who was undergoing a phased return following her recent operation and was not yet in work full-time.

  • Letter to DEFRA

Mary Robinson confirmed that she had written to DEFRA as requested by the Committee Chair.

  • Educational Psychology Services

The Headteacher reported to governors that the school would continue to buyback the LA’s service for one more year, at which point the cluster group would consider an alternative provider.

  • Defibrillator machine

The Headteacher confirmed that a machine had been purchased and installed. Eight members of staff would be undergoing training later in the year but that in any event the machine had comprehensive instructions.


  • Worry boxes:

An error in the minutes was noted, as the use of worry boxes at the junior school and not in Y2 had been discussed. The Clerk undertook to amend the minutes and send to the Committee Chair.                                                                                                ACTION


There were no further matters arising.


  1. f) Action Points from Previous Committee Meetings

Actions raised at the committee meetings were duly reviewed as follows:


3 Discuss Critical Incidents Guidance with Miss Harrison and make any necessary amendments Headteacher C/f to autumn term ACTION
7 Circulate Scheme of Delegation Form 2016-17 Headteacher Completed
8 Circulate the Best Value Statement with the current year Headteacher Completed
11 Report to governors on the buyback of Educational Psychology Services Headteacher Completed
15 Consider the installation of a defibrillator machine on school premises Headteacher Completed
16 Ask governor Mary Robinson to write as MP to DEFRA re: water and sewerage charges Committee Chair Completed
16 Write on behalf of governing board to DEFRA re: water and sewerage charges Committee Chair C/f to next Finance & Premises meeting ACTION


6 Consider a new definition of Gifted and Talented Headteacher Autumn term
7 Organise a scrutiny of SEN pupils’ books Headteacher Completed
8 Consider use of worry boxes at the junior school Headteacher Post-meeting
11 Report to governors on the progress of children in the nursery Headteacher Autumn term


  1. g) Confidential Reporting policy

This was previously reviewed and approved by the Finance & Premises Committee. The Governing board accordingly AGREED to adopt the policy.

  1. h) Dignity at Work policy

This was previously reviewed and approved by the Finance & Premises Committee. The Governing board accordingly AGREED to adopt the policy.

  1. i) Anti-Bullying policy

Governors discussed the model policy from the LA and AGREED to adopt the same.

  1. j) Health and Safety Policy

The Headteacher informed governors that this policy had been reviewed as part of the recent Health and Safety audit and was found to be comprehensive.




  2. a) Budget Update

The Headteacher outlined the following points:-

  • Nursery

The Headteacher reported that she hoped to meet shortly with the LA’s Admissions team to discuss future expansion and improvements in the school’s nursery provision, as currently both the nursery and Little Bears were catering to children of the same age. It is hoped that the ability to offer wrap around care will favour the school. A governor asked if the school had evidence of improvement for children who attend nursery. The Headteacher replied there was some evidence to support the improved academic progress of children who attended the nursery but not as to the social benefits.

  • Staffing structure

The Headteacher outlined the staffing structure from September and which was discussed at the last full GB meeting. Two TAs are retiring shortly and each have worked for over thirty years at the school. The Headteacher invited governors to attend the afternoon tea being held to mark this event and the Vice Chair AGREED to write on behalf of the GB to thank both ladies.                                                                      ACTION

  • Fire Audit

The results of the fire audit were discussed at the Finance and Premises committee, and the Headteacher updated governors as to progress on the various items of expenditure.

  • Clawback

The Headteacher confirmed that the clawback had been applied by the LA at the last minute, giving a surplus brought forward from 2015/16 of £82,918. The projected deficit in 2016/17 was £42,133. The final figures would be finalised once pupil numbers were certain. The projected pupil numbers for September were 90 in Reception and 36 in nursery.

It was noted that the budget was proceeding according to plan and was on track to remain within allocation.

It was also noted that the Finance and Premises Committee had considered and agreed the budget.

  1. b) Approval of the Budget 2016/17

Governors APPROVED the Budget for 2016/17 as presented. It was noted that no clawback was envisaged this year.

  1. c) Approval of School Fund Audit/Audit Arrangements

Governors noted that the Headteacher proposed no change to the current arrangements and AGREED the same.

  1. d) To Consider and Approve any Changes to the Buyback of L.A. Services

It was noted this had been discussed at length in the Finance and Premises Committee and that no changes to the buyback in previous years was proposed.

  1. e) Scheme of Delegation Form 2016/17

It was noted that no change to the previous year’s limits was proposed.


  2. a) Questions and Discussion

The Headteacher’s Report had been circulated to the governors prior to the meeting and questions were invited:

  • Update on KS1 SATs Results

The Headteacher reported the discrepancy between the results for boys and girls and how some children who had a Good Level of Development at the end of Reception had not made Expected progress. She outlined the reasons behind these results, which included the particular characteristics of the cohort.

She highlighted the overall levels of progress made, including that by Pupil Premium children. She explained the difficulties presented to staff when making assessments by the changing assessment measures and the inability to apply a “best-fit” criteria.

A governor asked if having a male teacher would make a difference to the results. The Headteacher replied that she did not believe so but would need to review the evidence. She reported that the reading habits of the current Y1 would be surveyed, to ensure that the reading materials available to them in Y2 would be of interest.

Governors discussed how parental expectations of test results would be managed this year, given such factors as the new curriculum, and how children’s reports would look this year.

  • SDP

This would be amended to reflect the need to increase the opportunities (via workshops and public speaking) for pupils to talk and in particular to encourage the social use of language, not just the simple ability to speak. This would be of particular benefit to some PP children who had the technical skills of speech but struggled to participate in discussions.

  1. b) Team Around the School

The Headteacher informed governors that the school’s social worker had made weekly visits and was providing informal support. The school’s Family Link Worker was not yet known, who would be taking over the role of attendance officer and would generally be able to support vulnerable families earlier.

The Headteacher was thanked for her report and there being no further questions it was RESOLVED that the Headteacher’s report be received.


  2. a) School Improvement Plan (SIP)/ School Development Plan (SDP) Update

The Headteacher confirmed she would circulate the new version of the SDP when it was available.                                                                                                                                               ACTION


She outlined the emphasis from September on the Lifelong Fitness curriculum, which emphasised fitness and strength in areas such as physical fitness, emotional resilience and the ability to take risks in a safe environment. Also, there would be an increased emphasis on the use of restorative approaches. Staff had already undertaken some training in this and were rolling out use of the RA language in school and in discussions between themselves.


Governors discussed the activities undertaken by the Pastoral Manager from the Junior school.


  1. b) Appraisal Update

The Headteacher explained to governors that the targets set in October were done so with a different view from now of what attainment would look like. Conversations had started with staff to discuss this disparity and targets would be revisited as appropriate.



  1. c) Report on Racist, Bullying, Homophobic Incidents

The Headteacher reported that there had not been any racist incidents in school during the spring term.

The Clerk provided a nil return form, which was completed and signed by the Headteacher and Chairperson; the Clerk then undertook to return the form to the appropriate section within Services to People.


The Headteacher reported that there had not been any incidents of bullying or homophobic behaviour during the spring term.

  1. d) Report on Physical Incidents

The Headteacher reported that there had been no incidents during the spring term where the use of physical intervention procedures had been necessary.

  1. e) Young Carers Update

Currently, there were no identified young carers in the school; however, the Headteacher is trying to obtain referrals for two pupils but this was difficult without the support of the families.


  2. a) Governing Body Development Plan

The vacancy for a Development Governor was discussed. Mrs E Duckworth explained that both the GB Development Plan and the Skills Matrix Audit had both been completed but would need reviewing. After a discussion as to the importance of the role, Ms B Tulloch AGREED to undertake the role and was thanked by governors for so doing.

  1. b) Induction Plan and Process
  2. c) Succession Planning
  3. d) Training Feedback

Governors were encouraged to attend training courses made available by Governor Services.

  1. e) Terms of Office for Chairperson/Vice Chairperson and End of Term Date

The Clerk advised governors of the requirement to approve the date of the end of the term of office of the Chair and Vice Chairperson.  It was AGREED that the Chair and Vice Chair would remain in office until the autumn term 2017 meeting date.

Governors duly AGREED a continuation of the current arrangements and terms of office would remain at one year from the date of the autumn term meeting.

  1. f) Expressions of interest for Chairperson/Vice Chairperson

The Vice Chairperson informed governors that the Chairperson had agreed to serve as Vice Chair from the autumn term meeting for a period of one year to help support the governing board. She also informed governors that she (Mrs Joyce) would be willing to become Chairperson from that same date.

Governors were asked to consider the posts and forward their declarations of interest to the Clerk at least three weeks prior to the date of the autumn term governing board meeting.

  1. g) Expressions of interest for Chairs of Committees

Governors were asked to consider the posts and forward their declarations of interest to the Clerk at least three weeks prior to the date of the autumn term governing board meeting.

  1. h) GovernorHub

The Clerk was invited to update the meeting and agreed to have passwords resent for those governors who had not yet activated their membership.                                    ACTION


  2. a) Schools’ Finance Update


  • Governors noted the guidance. Information on the second stage consultation documentation would be provided later in the summer term.


  1. b) Early Years
  • Governors noted the guidance
  1. c) DBS Update
  • All governors to have DBS checks in place by 1.9.16. The Headteacher confirmed that the School Business Manager was coordinating the applications.
  1. d) Safeguarding
  • The Prevent Duty guidance was noted.
  1. e) Stockport Family
  • The guidance was noted.
  1. DATES
  2. a) Full Governing Board

Thursday 17th November 2016 at 6pm

Thursday 9th March 2017 at 2pm (to be preceded by a governors’ visit to school starting at 1pm)

Thursday 6th July 2017 at 6pm.

  1. b) Committee Meetings

Autumn term:-

Finance and Premises committee Thursday 13th October 2016 at 6pm

Pupil Progress committee Thursday 3rd November 2016 at 6pm

Dates for the spring and summer terms to be circulated in due course.



(a)  End of Term of Office

The meeting was informed that Jason Smith’s term of office would end on the 31st August 2016.  It was noted that he would be eligible for re-appointment.



(b)  Water and Sewerage Charges to the School

This was discussed earlier in the meeting.


Mrs M Robinson left the meeting at 8.10pm


Governors discussed possible dates for the Governor Open Days.



With no further business to discuss, the Chairperson thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 8:15pm.







3e Amendment to the minutes of the PP committee Clerk Post-meeting
3f Discuss Critical Incidents Guidance with Miss Harrison and make any necessary amendments Headteacher Autumn term
3f Write on behalf of governing board to DEFRA re: water and sewerage charges M Joyce F & P committee
4a Write letters of thanks to the retiring TA’s M Joyce Post-meeting
6a Circulate the draft of the new SDP to governors Headteacher Post-meeting
7h Have Governor Hub passwords resent as necessary Clerk Post-meeting


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