At Nevill Road Infant School we are driven by the desire to provide the best possible education, opportunities and environment for all who are part of our school. As an infant school we are passionate about children’s early development and devote our time to embedding a desire for life long learning which is continued in our partner Junior School. We ensure that all children are given equal opportunities and equal access to every aspect of the curriculum, including all activities at school.

Our school is an inclusive and nurturing environment where all aim high, achieve well and develop self confidence.  Resilience and a love of learning, including positive values and beliefs, cooperation and team work, a sense of community and caring attitudes towards others underpin all our work in school.

We provide an exciting, challenging and inspirational setting where children become independent, creative thinkers who are reflective, always striving to extend their learning.

We aim to be at the forefront of educational best practice and our children will benefit from our desire to give them access to the latest technological and educational developments.


Vision into Practice

These are the aims for each section of our school community.



• to ensure pupils gain the skills and knowledge to be successful in the next phase of their education and their future as 21st century citizens

• to provide a fully inclusive environment, where all pupils are valued equally and have equal opportunity and access to all areas of school life

• to ensure pupils make outstanding progress and stretch themselves

• to ensure pupils develop lively, enquiring, imaginative and creative minds, able to question, meet challenges and apply themselves

• to ensure pupils develop respect and consideration for the beliefs of others

• to encourage pupils to develop self-discipline and act responsibly, able to work and co-operate with others

• to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment in which pupils are happy and enjoy learning



• to implement the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum and curriculum guidance for the Foundation Stage

• to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum with continuity and progression, which met the needs of all pupils and is accessible to all pupils (This will be based on the IPC)

• to promote the spiritual, moral, aesthetic, cultural, mental and physical development of all pupils

• to help all members of the school consider and evaluate performance and value all kinds of achievement

• to monitor achievement and quality of teaching and learning to ensure that we are providing the best possible education for all pupils and raising standards

• to develop whole school policies and curriculum planning which inform and reflect practice within the school



• to develop the partnership between home and school so that we both work together for the good of the child and whole school community

• to welcome and promote the governing body in all aspects of school life

• to welcome and promote parents and visitors in all aspects of school life

• to work with our Friends Association in all their activities to support the school

• to create a truly extended school



• to value all members of our staff and their contributions they make in school

• to develop in all members of staff a shared philosophy and clear sense of direction

• to promote and develop our strong sense of team spirit and well-being amongst all adults

• to develop an environment where staff are encouraged to reflect upon, question and evaluate their own performance and share good practice

• to provide an ethos which supports and extends professional development for all members of the school community


School Management

• to ensure a safe and secure environment in which to teach our children and for children to learn

• to ensure the school budget is used efficiently to giving value for money in all areas

• to revise and develop effective management and administrative systems for the school

• to provide appropriate resources to support all areas of school performance and to ensure the proper management of these resources

• to monitor and review progress and set standards in all aspects of school life

• to put in place strategies to ensure that the school is at the forefront of educational and technological developments

To be reviewed Autumn 21

Together Everyone Achieves More

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