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Welcome to Nevill Road Infant School in what has certainly been an unusual year for everyone. We would normally be inviting people in for tours and celebrating all of our achievements but unfortunately, the COVID-19 restrictions have meant we have had to change lots of things.
We have produced a video for you to watch to give you a flavour of our learning environment with this commentary to go alongside it.
Here at Nevill Road Infant School we have Little Bears which caters for children 2-4 years old, Nursery for 3 and 4 year olds and then our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. We can also offer wrap around care from 7.30am and until 6pm in our Stay and Play club.
Our Nursery offers both 15 hour provision and 30 hours where we have capacity. We can offer 60 places for 3 and 4 year olds between Little Bears and Nursery. Within Reception to Year 2 we can offer up to 90 places per year and these are split between 3 classes in each year group. All Reception classes have a teacher and a teaching assistant. Our Key Stage 1 classes have a teacher and a teaching assistant each morning and each year group has 2 teaching assistants in the afternoon who offer support across the year group (COVID has changed this slightly for this year).
The teachers in all year groups have shared planning time to ensure that the children get the same curriculum opportunities regardless of the class they are in. Teachers then adapt plans to meet the needs of their classes and the individuals within them.
I am really proud of the children and the staff team here at Nevill Road and feel we offer a happy, positive, nurturing and diverse environment where high expectations permeates everything we do. We encourage the children to be “the best that they can be”, developing self-improvement and a growth mind-set, rather than “being the best”. 
We maintain a focus on the whole child, developing their social skills and confidence, their physical development and their academics.
At Nevill Road Infants we value play and outdoor learning so children are really motivated to learn and use their learning in practical situations.
We also believe that children are entitled to learn in a creative, interesting and calm environment where curiosity about the world around them is valued and nurtured. 
We work hard to provide children with fun and exciting learning opportunities which spark ideas and challenge thinking and learning.
Encouraging the development of positive relationships is at the heart of everything we do in the Early Years at Nevill Road Infants, ensuring that children feel safe, cared for and supported in the school environment. We focus on supporting children’s wellbeing and developing social interactions with peers and adults. 
At our school we have consistent high expectations of all children, in regards to their learning, attitude and behaviour, ensuring that they are equipped with the skills for successful future learning and the self-belief to achieve their full potential.
The children then transition to Year 1 where there is still continuous provision but the focus gradually moves to more traditional teaching as the year progresses. The children begin to develop their stamina for writing at greater length, improve their handwriting and their number bonds.
By Year 2 there is a focus on using the topics to engage and inspire the children as they develop greater stamina around their work and extending what they are able to produce. They work on their spelling, presentation and more complex number work.
Our focus is to INSPIRE children through our curriculum (please see the curriculum section on the website for more details) and ensure they have grasped the basic skills to ensure they have a solid foundation for the Junior School to build on.
We have close links with our partner Junior School and share a number of key policies, including our behaviour bees - be safe, be respectful, be ready and be responsible. We work together to ensure an effective transition from Year 2 to Year 3 (even during the restrictions placed on us due to COVID-19). This carefully planned transition means that the children have confidence around their move to high school as they have already got a successful transition under their belt.
The schools have the Friends of Nevill Road who organise lots of fundraising activities over the year from fairs to sponsored events. There are lots of opportunities for you to become involved either at the organisational level or by supporting the events.
Although we cannot welcome you into school as normal we are happy to answer any questions you may have either via email or via the phone 0161 4394817.
We look forward to meeting you soon. 
Alison Marshall
Head Teacher

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